The partners in brief



offers a comprehensive spectrum of consulting, testing and services for process control engineering, automation systems, hardware and software especially for the energy and chemical industries. tuev-nord.de

Contact in regard to SIL questions: Herr Peter Baum, E-Mail: Fusi@tuev-nord.de


develops and manufactures industrial electrical and electronic technology products that power, protect, connect and automate systems and equipment for a wide range of industries. phoenixcontact.com

Contact in regard to SIL questions: Herr Wilfried Grote, E-Mail: wgrote@phoenixcontact.com


is a world leader in measurement and control technologies for use in chemical plants, refineries, oil and gas applications, food and pharmaceutical processes as well as in district heating and the HVAC sector. samson.de

Contact in regard to SIL questions: Herr Roberto Zin, E-Mail: rzin@samson.de


develops, produces and sells products and solutions in the field of flow, level, temperature, analysis and pressure measuring technology. KROHNE is one of the market leaders in industrial process instrumentation. krohne.com

Contact in regard to SIL questions: Herr Lothar Gellrich, E-Mail: l.gellrich@krohne.com

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